How can you combine still mindfulness and powerful day-to-day action?

How does Heart Intelligence work?

Heart Intelligence teaches you to recognise and discern many different and subtle signals (‘tracking’). That enables you to not be overwhelmed by emotions nor to be hijacked by your thoughts. You track:
- What do I notice in my body?
- What mixture of emotions am I aware of?
- What is going on in my energy?
- What does my intuition tell me?
- Which ideas/beliefs limit my life without me noticing?

As soon as you pay attention to these signals, you get clear not only on how you are feeling, but also on how you want to be with it and what you long for.

Then you explore what is holding you back from being the way you long for and what you need in order to move in that direction.


The insights you get in this way, are not analytical: you also get information from your body, emotions, energy and intuition. So it is a felt knowing.

In the very moment we then create opportunities for you to test how it is to actually be how you want to. Especially groups offer beautiful possibilities for this. You experience in your body what it feels like and you notice how others react to you when you are that way. You can adjust based on what you feel and notice. Thus you anchor it in your body.


You take home this experience; it is stored in your body. It accompanies and inspires you in your every day actions. Then you repeat this cycle: you feel what is moving and what you want, you try something, you feel again and adjust. In this way you discover step by step new aspects of yourself and new ways of living your life.

Heart Intelligence has been developed by CHRISTIAN PANKHURST. He has worked out and refined his approach in coaching thousands of people.
He has been inspired by the work of Tej Steiner and Neale Donald Walsch.

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