Surfing the waves:

Completely absorbed by what you do

In contact with the elements

Playfully choosing your own path

No thoughts distracting

Plunging sometimes is part of the joy

Isnít life meant to be like this:

Fully present moment to moment

Feeling how life affects you and what you want

Not losing balance by too much thought

Success and failure, happiness and sorrow nothing more than waves



Read how Heart Intelligence creates community

Life brings us on high tops and in deep troughs: sorrow and joy, success and failure, good health and illness, love and loneliness alternate. Do we get overwhelmed? Do we just keep afloat? Or can we let the waves carry us, relaxed and curious to know where they will bring us? And if it gets hard sometime or other, do we experience ourselves as a victim or do we respond full-hearted to what is coming our way and let ourselves be transformed by it? Do we need to keep life at a safe distance or can we embrace it again and again? Heart Intelligence offers a simple and effective method to connect to your inner strength and your own feeling of direction so you can experience life in its fullness. This method is part of a long tradition. Already in the 13th century Jalal ad-Din Rumi (1207-1273) has written about this way of living.

Enter here into his world.

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