The intelligence of our heart is an ancient theme that has engaged and still engages very different people. Many known and unknown people have contributed to this collective quest, some of them by their mental work or works of art, others through their own lifes and actions.

On this blog we want to place the method of Heart Intelligence as it has been developed by Christian Pankhurst in a wider perspective. Sometimes we will choose a question from every day life as a starting point, sometimes we will let ourselves be inspired by people who showed in a powerful and beautiful way what it means to live from the heart.

Feeling is an Art

In the documentary “Touch the Sound” we see Evelyn Glennie’s impressing art: the world of a deaf percussionist. She creates intriguing landscapes of sound, improvising together with other musicians – without ever hearing anything.

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Life is not an Olympic Competition

‘Step up into my greatness’ is a regularly expressed wish in events for personal development. Stronger, more expansive, more expressive, successful – ‘greatness’ can be delivered in different flavours. But time and again it turns out that these targets are just ideas, conceptions of our mind by which we try to map our road to love and joy.

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Self-confidence – a beautiful thing to have, a wished-for article in self-development courses. Yet, the direction in which most people try to get it does not work.
Often, self-confidence is seen as a matter of strength and consequently treated as a muscle that can be grown by push-ups. So people try to gain self-confidence by repeating affirmations like magic mantras. And when noticing that this does not work enough, they increase the amount of exercise…
But can we convince ourselves that way – by a one-way communication? And eliminate our uncertainty by just overruling it?

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What is life about?

To live life to the fullest – the mere thought can put me under stress: what do I need to do, in order not to miss anything? But when I let Szymborska’s Note in I feel so much space, so much light. I cannot wait to go on living. What about you?

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Be yourself

Be wholly yourself, simply follow your heart, interact well with others – this sounds easy and tempting.
It often turns out to be not so simple – there are pitfalls and traps:
If you want to be yourself, the question arises: Who are you ...

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