What do you practice?

Heart Intelligence is the integration of four essential skills:

- listen to your heart -

pay attention to the many signals that tell you in every situation what you feel and what you want irrespective of conditioning and expectations

- follow your heart -

be guided in your every day actions by your hearts longing

- communicate from your heart -
share what you feel and what you want with others, take in the other with full attention and stay true to yourself at the same time

- open your heart -

let in more and more happiness, love and joy; discover more of who you are and share your gifts more freely with the world

Why has Heart Intelligence so strong an impact?

We preferably work in groups. A well held group can amplify, intensify and clarify personal processes.

We create a high degree of safety and connection by making clear agreements

The attention of the whole group amplifies your awareness: you get more easily access to what you are feeling and wanting

In a group you get more opportunities to grow; watching others in their process will move something in you

You can practice the skills of Heart Intelligence effectively: communicating from your heart, letting in more attention and love, showing new aspects of yourself

Other participants can set your process in motion, intensify or support it in many different ways

You experience what community can be and that in itself has a healing effect.


An American anthropologist was sent out to do research on why people in the Caucasus reach such a high age. The guess was, that some aspects of their way of life and especially their nutrition were contributing.
When she arrived in the remote village, she was welcomed as a stranger in an improvised feast. In the village square a long table was laid with whatever the people could bring from their homes. Everybody sat down at the table, but before starting the meal they stood up in turns and shared how they were doing at that moment. All listened attentively and seemed to enjoy it. The American was astonished and slowly it dawned to her that she already had found the answer to her quest.

Every human being longs to be seen, heard and felt. When this does not happen, we die thousand times a day. When we do experience this basic love we become alive – and a society is born which truly deserves the name of community.

Heart Intelligence workshops are places where you can experience this intensely.

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Heart Intelligence has been developed by CHRISTIAN PANKHURST. He has worked out and refined his approach in coaching thousands of people.
He has been inspired by the work of Tej Steiner and Neale Donald Walsch.

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