Thomas de Neve and Alet Holwerda: Since we were young we have not easily felt at home in this world. The longing for freedom, authenticity and intensity and for deep connection with others set us each on a quest – as well in our personal as in our professional life. After a long, sometimes difficult, sometimes surprisingly beautiful journey – on which we eventually also met each other – we finally came across Heart Intelligence. It was like coming home - to a place where you can be fully human: where whatever moves in you is welcome, all you are and all you are not; where nobody tries to change or advise you and you can find your own inner voice; where honest connection and true community can evolve.
We want to share the bliss of that and herein find our passion: to invite others into this space and guide them on their quest for becoming real and find more joy in life. Naturally, we both bring our own experiences from a lifetime into this work:

Alet Holwerda (1961): In the first 25 years of my professional life I have guided grammar school pupils as a teacher and as a counselor. In coaching them I was always looking for what their hearts longed for, what possibilities they had and how they could overcome difficulties. In my classes I abandoned the traditional frames and have developed a new way of teaching without books and marks. Later, I have slowly shifted my field of work: after my education as a psychotherapist (psychosynthesis) and as a Heart Intelligence coach and facilitator I have started to coach people of all ages. My fascination for the mystery of every individual and my love for working with groups and awakening them to vivid interaction can fully manifest like never before.

Thomas de Neve (1952): Originally I worked in the theater. I was educated and inspired by passionate theatre makers from all over the world: Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna, Los Angeles and Moscow. As an actor and director I was looking for authenticity, vitality and spontaneity on stage and fathomed the nature of creative processes. Since more than 20 years I have been sharing my discoveries with people in the business world, like technicians, nurses, management trainees, bank directors and dock workers. I have outlined my findings in a book about the relationship between theatre and life. Long ago I wanted to be in the theatre, because life was more intense and rich there, but now, working with Heart Intelligence, I notice again and again how life can exceed theatre in depth and beauty.


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In the meantime we have both become certified Heart Intelligence Coach and Facilitator, trained by Christian Pankhurst, the founder of this method. We are also contributing to the education of coaches and facilitators as supervisors in his Heart IQ Academy.

Heart Intelligence enriches our life and deepens our relationship.
Together we create places in this world where people can come home to.

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